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• Bring along multiple copies of your CV. It is always good to have a CV to offer the interviewer...
It shows that you’re being proactive and it is also good to have a copy for yourself.

• Notepad & pen.
Facts & figures are often discussed in interviews so it’s handy to be able to write them down so you’re able to refer back to them.
• Pre-prepared questions
It doesn’t look good at the end of an interview not to have any questions to ask! Have the question presented in a written format, this will assure you to have all your necessary questions answered and it shows you’ve come prepared.

• Job Description
Make notes in your notepad of the job description to ensure you’ve completely familiarised yourself with the post.

• Location details
Many of us rely on the internet on our phones to access the details of our interview, but so many things can go wrong.
No data, no service, low battery! Write it on paper too!!

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